Industrial Design

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Industrial Design

Industrial Design:

In TE-TA Consulting Engineering Co.;
Steel Structure Design of Magnesium Refractory Plant, in Kutahya, Turkey, 1974
Canakkale Cement Plant, Turkey

In GEMAS Consulting Co., as a designer
Cayirhan Thermal Power Station, 1976

In TEKFEN Contracting Co.;
Various Steel and Concrete Structure Designs of TUPRAS Refinery Extension, Aliaga, Turkey 1991

In ORNARLI-KINACI Engineering, as president beween 1974-1980
* Sumerbank Viscose Silk Plant
* TEKEL-Tokat Tobacco Plant

Handrail Design

The handrail design is to be designed for a lateral 50 Lbs/ft uniformly distributed, and the post is to be designed 200 Lbs concentric at any direction, as per Florida Building Code 2004.

The material can be steel, aluminum, glass. The posts shall be embedded into concrete, or fixed to concrete by expansion bolts. Weld is to used for steel to steel connection.

You may find excel page for this kind of design, in this website.


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