Repair and Strengthening of Concrete Structures

It is crucial that structural engineers recognize that strengthening assessment and design is infinitely more complex than new construction. Typically, challenges arise because of unknown factors associated with the structural state - such as continuity, load path, and material properties - as well as the size and locations of existing reinforcement or pre-stressing.

The degree to which the upgrade system and the existing structural elements share the loads also must be evaluated and addressed properly in the upgrade design, detailing, and implementation procedure. The importance of detailing and its direct effects on the effectiveness and durability of structural upgrades cannot be overemphasized. In fact, inadequate detailing is one factor that can lead to the total failure of a structural repair system.

In addition, engineers should consider the procurement process for specialty repair and strengthening projects to be different from new construction services. Engaging contracting firms that are familiar with all of the critical aspects highlighted here will ensure the most cost-effective and long-lasting results.