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Structural Engineer Calculators

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OES Wind Analysis ASCE 7-05 1.0 Released

OES Wind Analysis ASCE 7-05 1.0 has been released finally.

OES is a powerful engineering studio that allows you to calculate your wind analysis calculations on the fly and then print them. The program makes any structural engineer's life a lot easier.

You can view the OES Screenshots

You may download the trial version

Screenshots Of OES Wind Analysis 1.0

OES Wind Analysis ASCE 7-05 1.0

is released. You can download the trial on your left hand side.
Here you can see some screen shots and pictures of

OES Wind Analysis ASCE 7-05 1.0

OES Wind Analysis ASCE 7-05 1.0 Coming Soon!

OES Wind Analysis is a wind analysis program that analyzes pressures of roofs, windows, walls, and components to create a calculation spreadsheet printable.

It will be released very soon and will definitely help structural engineers with wind structural calculations.

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