About NOA

Important information regarding Miami-Dade Notice of Acceptance:

On October 1, 2003, the State of Florida's Statewide Product Approval System became effective. The purpose of this system is to provide a single product evaluation and approval system that applies statewide to operate in coordination with the Florida Building Code. This Florida product evaluation and approval system is governed by Florida Statutes, Chapter 553, Section 553.842. Since this law specifies that the product approval system is to apply statewide, Notice of Acceptance are no longer necessary where a product has a statewide approval that is applicable in the High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVWZ) and is installed in accordance with its conditions of use.

Please refer to the following memoranda provided by the Florida Building Commission:

Bennett Letter (14 Dec,2006)
Miami-Dade NOA (6 Dec, 2006)
Approved Products (6 Dec, 2006)