40 Year Recertification

The 40 Year Recertification Ordinance was initially adopted by the Miami-Dade County Commission in 1975. It was replaced in 2001 by the current law which adopts the Florida Building Code and continues the requirement that buildings in Miami-Dade County after 40 years (and every 10 years thereafter) be re certified by a registered Florida Engineer or Architect for structural and electrical safety. This Ordinance applies to all of unincorporated Miami-Dade County and the incorporated Cities within the County. Single family homes, duplexes and minor structures are exempt from this Ordinance.

The 40 Year Recertification works as follows: when a building becomes 40 years old the Code Compliance Section of the County or City in which the building is located sends out a "Notice of Required Inspection" to the Property Owner. From the date of this notice the property Owner has 90 days during which to complete the required inspection. Based on the result of this inspection, the building will be structurally and electrically re certified for ten (10) years or there will be improvements required for the recertification. If improvements are required, the Property Owner is given a total of 150 days (90+60 added) to complete the required improvements. A follow up report is then submitted by the Engineer stating that these improvements have been made and the building re certified.

For the Recertification process, the County has issued required "Minimum Guidelines for Building Structural and Electrical Recertification" which Professional Engineers are required to follow. Standardized forms issued by the County are usually sent to the Property Owner with the Notice.

It important to note that, in many cases, buildings older that 40 years have never been sent a Notice of this required rectification. It is incumbent on the Property Owner to acquire this initial recertification whether a notice has been sent of not. Additionally, it is the responsibility of the Property Owner to re certify their building every 10 years thereafter. Building not properly re certified can pose a liability to Owners in the event of a failure or accident.

Additionally, in recent years, a requirement under Item # 19 of the "Minimum Electrical Requirement" is being enforced for minimum parking lot and alley lighting as adopted under Miami-Dade County Code Sec 8C-3.

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